Our Plan for a Stronger Britain and a More Prosperous Future:

Theresa May and her team yesterday launched the Conservative Party’s manifesto in Halifax – outlining our plan for a stronger Britain and a more prosperous future. 

The next five years will be the most challenging our nation has faced in generations.

Getting Brexit right is central to everything: our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity.

– So now more than ever, Britain needs strong, stable leadership under Theresa May to get the best Brexit deal for our country and its people.

And we also need strong, stable leadership to make the most of the challenges that lie beyond.

– Our nation faces five giant challenges in the years ahead and this manifesto addresses them head on:

1. To make sure our economy stays strong and to bring prosperity to the whole of our country.

2. To emerge from Brexit a strong and united nation able to take a lead in the world to defend Britain’s interests.

3. Overcome social divisions by giving people real opportunity and making Britain the world’s Great Meritocracy.

4. To restore the contract between generations that provides security for older people while being fair to the young.

5. To seize the opportunities of changing technology, while ensuring that our security and personal privacy – and the welfare of children and younger people – are still protected

So there is a clear choice: strong, stable leadership under Theresa May through Brexit and beyond – or the shambles of Jeremy Corbyn propped up by the other parties in a hung Parliament which everyone will pay for.

(pictured is Cllr Heather Phillips and Tom Seston out on the 19th May delivering leaflets)

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