5 star review for the Penny Clare afternoon tea

Penny Clare Furniture Crafts and Gifts

We visited ‘Penny Clare’ in Newholm near Whitby for afternoon tea on Friday 6th July. The journey through the fields and long, winding lanes made our arrival at this amazing and awe inspiring venue even more intriguing.

The car parking right outside the building was plentiful and on level ground. We entered a large barn full from floor to ceiling of a myriad of potential gifts, ornaments and artworks. (Later, my husband and I ‘adopted’ a small uranium green crackle glazed frog (think 1950s).

We were shown through to the tea rooms behind the craft shop. The furnishings were rustic and retro and extremely well done. The Staff; throughout our experience were attentive and helpful; but unobtrusive and nothing was too much trouble. At first we were suppled at each table with tea and coffee pots and then our ‘teas’ came.

A couple of our Group have food intolerances/allergies and this was no problem. The waitress brought each table a pair of cake stands filled with gorgeous looking sandwiches and cakes. Then came the ‘allergy safe’ stands; that were as close as possible a match to the regular stands; while still being different enough to make them distinguishable.

I can’t vouch for the ‘regular’ food but the ‘lactose allergy’ food was wonderful and I was even given a little box of treats to take home.

The toilets were nearby, clean, tidy and accessible.

I did a survey of the Group and everyone I spoke to said they had had a great time and please could we come again. Well worth the journey up from Scarborough.

After tea, we inspected the craft barns and adopted our frog. This business is 5*.

 Gillian Parsons

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