Happy Yorkshire Day – a celebratory lunch at the Saxonville Hotel

This is my review of the lunch held at The Saxonville Hotel, Whitby on Wednesday 1st August 2018.

We were called in to lunch promptly at 1:00pm. The dining room was very nicely laid out and there were small vases of flowers on each table.

Serving started as soon as everyone had managed to find their seat and we had said Grace.

I had poached pear and sorbet as I am lactose intolerant and sadly my choices can sometimes be a bit limited. However I was not disappointed with my starter and heard good reports from other diners about their first course of Yorkshire quiche and homemade pickle.
Then came the main course of either roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or chicken breast done in cheese sauce. The cheese sauce looked amazing but alas not for me.

When we were served our ‘mains’ at first, we thought there was a shortage of potato as only one roast potato was supplied with our meat. However, this was soon to be corrected by the serving staff who came round separately with ample boiled potatoes, green beans and roasted vegetables.

Both meals proved to be delicious as most diners cleared their plates.

Then came the sweets. I was offered apple pie with custard despite my ‘table sign’ stating ‘no custard’. However, once pointed out, it was swiftly exchanged for apple pie without custard. I then asked if they had any kind of non-dairy topping e.g. some sorbet from the starter course. I was subsequently provided with a small separate bowl of dairy free ice cream. The foregoing should have just happened; I shouldn’t have had to ask.

People who chose the rosy rhubarb syllabub seemed pleased with their choice although to look at, it seemed rather small.

Finally, we were all offered coffee which was good quality. (Tea was not mentioned although it had been offered as an option in the ‘menu sheet’).

Whilst we were drinking our coffee; our Chairman introduced our speaker; Tony Peers. He gave a rather long but very amusing discourse on his life in show business. I have already suggested he be re-booked next year.

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