How safe are our beaches? A question for Scarborough Borough Council and the RNLI.

The stay alert, control the virus and save lives message from the government has proved effective in reducing the risk of Covid19. However, visitors to our beaches face an unknown risk if they swim in the sea without the usual protection of an RNLI lifeguard. This risk is not clear to those who are infrequent visitors and are drawn to the coast by the beautiful weather we are enjoying. Where is the risk assessment? Water quality is also a concern, are these figures readily available to help residents and visitors decide whether to swim or not.
What message is Scarborough Borough Council communicating to all those who are now expected to return to visit the 42 miles of coastline? Opening the toilets and car parks may help control some of the issues experienced since the easing of lockdown but how far have our council gone in letting people know our seas are not a play ground that can be enjoyed at the moment.
The deaths at Padstow and Constantine illustrate why we need the council and the RNLI to step up and take responsibility for water safety.

Councillor Mrs Heather Phillips
Derwent Valley and Moor Ward
Deputy Leader Conservative Group
Shadow Cabinet member for Corporate Resources